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                       Last updated on:  February 26, 2017

DX is a dance troupe that performs in the virtual game called Second Life and was founded by Wild Catnap in May 2014.  Our visitor center is located on Burning Embers and we perform one home show a month as well as appearances throughout Second Life.

DX performs music and dance from all genres and eras, and our shows are either themed or variety.  Our talented designers and choreographers create a vision that our dancers bring to life with their style and grace.  Our goal is to present a moving performance for anyone who sees it. 

If you're interested in stretching your creative muscles or just dance a performance, DX is definitely the group for you.  Every member of our group is a vital part of the troupe as a whole, and we welcome anyone who has a passion and desire to dance or create, whichever makes you the happiest.   Contact Dj Barracuda in world if you think the Dance Xcetera team is the kind of group you would enjoy being a part of.

If you're interested in booking DX for a private or public event, please contact Dejaye Barracuda (Dj Barracuda) in world.

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